Laura Lee’s Teas grew out of the Colorado Mountain Beanery coffee store while it was located in downtown Colorado Springs on Tejon Street. The Beanery, as it was known, began in 1986 as the first coffee store in Colorado Springs and sold coffee, coffee makers, and a variety of accessories as well as some teas and accessories and spices. Laura bought the store in 2002 and in 2007 moved to the location on Academy Blvd. She found that many of her customers were discovering the health benefits of tea and so learned more about teas herself, attended tea expositions and conferences, and decided to concentrate on and develop that side of the business beginning with expanding her selections of tea. In 2013 with the death of her mother, who was also her business partner, she decided to close the store and now devotes time specifically on her website sales. She keeps a large variety (130 kinds) of loose leaf teas. In order to continue providing excellent products at reasonable prices she has reduced the overhead costs by closing the store, but still offers the same quality teas online from our warehouse in Colorado Springs.

Our Mission

Our Mission has been to become a leading provider of fine teas and herbals. Our aim is to educate, inspire, and communicate the quality, benefits, and values of tea. Laura Lee’s Teas sells full-leaf tea because it’s simply better tasting and more diverse in its range of subtle flavors than the cut leaves or tea dust you will find in most tea bags. Our Purpose is to enrich peoples lives through the experience of fine tea and a life of health, balance, and well-being. We are committed to taking care of our customers as friends.

About Us

We believe in our product because we were Laura Lee’s Teas customers for 14 years. When Laura Lee retired in July of 2016 we made the decision to keep Laura’s legacy of service, fine teas and friendly engagement alive. We continue to replenish the quality teas she so meticulously curated and constantly seek out new treasures to bring to your cup.

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